A new HAUNTED ABBEY MYTHOS project is available to view today.  This is an excerpt from "Karnov: Phantom-Clad Rider of the Cosmic Ice"...the new novel by Matthew Knight, Howie Bentley, and Byron Roberts...available from DMR.

The piece features a section of Matthew Knight's as narrated by Matthew himself.  I added the music, mixed it, and put the video together.

Check it out.  It's a really cool way to experience a part of the story. 

I contributed a new piece to the DMR blog on one of my favorite Kane stories by Karl Edward Wagner.  You can read "The Compatibility of Dwassllir's Romanticism and Kane's Pragmatism" HERE.

I was recently invited to write the foreward to a great new book by Matthew Knight, Howie K. Bently, and Byron A. Roberts called KARNOV:PHANTOM-CLAD RIDER OF THE COSMIC ICE! I've been a friend and fan of these three giants of heavy metal literature for years. What a wonderful opportunity to introduce their new epic collaboration!

This book is a really fun read and I highly recommend it. You can check it out and order from DMR Books.

I was recently featured on the Paracelsian Productions compilation POST NUCLEAR III: POST APOCALYPTIC WOMAN SLAYER. My track WIDGEON from the album ROZEL is featured. You can listen below:

THE MOUNTAIN OF SOULS is now avaiilable! Click below to check it out and order!

The next Haunted Abbey Mythos CD is finished and in hand!  Entitled, THE MOUNTAIN OF SOULS, this one is a retelling of the classic story that inspired the Blind Dead series of movies. 

Matthew Knight and I repenned it in English, adding our own flavor before beginning the audio work.  Like the last album, Matthew did all of the narration and some great interludes.  I provided the backing music and did the mix.  The whole thing was mastered by Shelmerdine from Dark Awake and the amazing cover artwork is provided by Louis Braquet!  All around a very rewarding release and I am excited to share it.

Official release date is on 02/19/19.  The link to the online store will be available soon.

I wrote a piece for DMR Books on my favorite Karl Edward Wagner story, "Cold Light".  Check it out here.

Haunted Abbey Mythos now has a Bandcamp site.  This is my project with Matthew Knight.  You can preview and order our debut album "The Beast of Averoigne" therein.  Click here to give it a look. 

Haunted Abbey Mythos 2018 Promo Photo

My essay/review of Jack Vance's "The Dying Earth" is added to the WORDS section of this site.  Although it was originally conceived for the DMR Books blogsite, I wanted to include it here as well.  Check it out.

Cirsova #8 is now available for purchase, featuring my story PROMONTORY.  Click here to check out the details and place an order.

The Kindle edition of Cirsova #8, featuring the text version of PROMONTORY, is now available to pre-order.  The print version will be released on June 1st.  Click below to pre-order on Amazon.

Cirsova #8

I have great news to share!  PROMONTORY has been purchased for publication by Cirsova Magazine!  They will feature the story in its entirety in their Summer 2018 edition.  This will hopefully bring some attention to the musical adaptation as well. 

Cirsova is well-known as a premier publisher of weird fiction and fantasy.  You can read more about them here.

Yes! My latest venture with Matthew Knight is now available for purchase.

Haunted Abbey Mythos Presents...THE BEAST OF AVEROIGNE.

This is an audio tribute to the short story by Clark Ashton Smith. The music bed under Matthew's fantastic narration is from my album WAHWEAP. This is a very unique release. Give your ears something new, an interpretation of something old.

You can preview some selections from the CD here:

Order directly from Majestic Metal Records!

Extremely pleased to announce a new venture with Matthew Knight entitled:
Haunted Abbey Mythos!

Our first release is a tribute to Clark Ashton Smith's tale "The Beast of Averoigne". Music from my album WAHWEAP was used to back Matthew's fantastic reading of the story. Matthew also added some great segue music and sound effects that add wonderful ambience to the piece.

Should be available on Majestic Metal Records soon. More details to follow...

You can also purchase PROMONTORY via the Majestic Metal Records online shop.
While doing so, I recommend also purchasing a few other releases from this fine indie label.

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PROMONTORY is now available.
You can preview and read about it here.
You can buy download and physical CD versions here.

2 weeks until PROMONTORY.

Created a short video showing the unwrapping of PROMONTORY:

Complete site overhaul.  All new content across each category above.

My final album, PROMONTORY, is poised for an 02/11/17 release!